Taking Flight: A Book of Story Meditations

The woodcarver replied, “Sire, I am only a simple workman. I am no genius. But there is one thing. When I am going to make a bell frame, I meditate for three days to calm my mind. When I have meditated for three days, I think no more about rewards or emoluments. When I have meditated for five days, I no longer think of praise or blame, skillfulness or awkwardness. When I have meditated for seven days, I suddenly forget my limbs, my body, no, I forget my very self. I lose consciousness of the court and my surroundings. Only my skill remains.

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Becoming Aware

Janet was 55 when she came to see me for the first time. She was at her wits end trying to sort out the conflicts and crises in her family. Her two adult sons seemed to take turns getting into trouble. Janet and her husband, Bob, then argued about whether or not to bail them out. Some of the time, Bob rushed to the rescue and then other times he reacted with rage and cut his son off. In either scenario, he placed the blame for the situation solidly on Janet’s shoulders. If she had done this or that differently, this never would have happened. In each instance, Janet tried to mediate the conflict and hold the family together as she had done throughout their lives together.

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