Greek Island

Pay Attention!

Life itself is our best teacher. She offers all the lessons we will ever need abundantly and without restraint. If we miss them the first time, they will be offered again and again until we are ready to learn.

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Book Event in Winter Park, FL

I am excited to let you know that I will be at Writer’s Block Bookstore in Winter Park, FL, on Saturday, December 13, from 2-4 PM for an author chat and book signing.  I would so love to see  you there.

Writer’s Block Bookstore

124 Welbourne Avenue

Winter Park, FL 32789

(407) 385-7084

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Traveling Stories: Lessons from the Journey of Life

I am pleased to announce that my new book, Traveling Stories: Lessons from the Journey of Life, will be out in a few weeks – September 30, 2014. As the title says, this is a book of stories, all true and drawn from my own life and from experiences shared with me by friends and clients. Each one is an example of how we learn life’s lessons and find answers to our most important questions.

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Learn Something New

Last week I was writing a page for the book that’s in process now. One of the ways I organize my thoughts is to make lists. So, I was making a list of advice I give to folks from time to time in the ordinary course of things. These bits of advice are hardly original–most of what I know I’ve been taught by many fine teachers over the years–but, if I’m giving it, it means I’ve tested it and it’s worked for me. So, anyhow, one of the items on this list was, “Take a class, any class, but learn something new.”

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Giverny, France

On Dreams

People are fascinated by dreams. Whenever someone learns that I work with dreams, he or she begins telling me about a dream they had or they say, “What does it mean when you dream about ….? Dreams help us understand, learn, cope, and move ever toward our wholeness.

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two chairs

I heard myself say…..

Earlier this week, I was at my physical therapy appointment and I heard myself say, “I am not able to do yoga right now even though I love it and it would be good for my injured shoulder, because there isn’t a class that fits my schedule.” Did you hear it? I did. I heard myself say that I had decided to be a victim of schedules, mine and theirs. I wanted to do yoga; I knew it would be good for me, but I was planning to continue to miss out because of some silly scheduling issues.

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Viet Name

Self-consciousness: Bad Hair and Your Best Self

I saw my friend Elizabeth at the post office last week. I was glad to see her and we stood and chatted for a bit. A few minutes into our conversation, Elizabeth said, “Are you looking at my hairline?……

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The Four Questions

There are really only four questions:
Who am I?
Where do I belong?
What matters?
How do I live my life?

Consciously or unconsciously, we spend our whole lives trying to answer them.

We seek answers many places.

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Becoming Aware

Janet was 55 when she came to see me for the first time. She was at her wits end trying to sort out the conflicts and crises in her family. Her two adult sons seemed to take turns getting into trouble. Janet and her husband, Bob, then argued about whether or not to bail them out. Some of the time, Bob rushed to the rescue and then other times he reacted with rage and cut his son off. In either scenario, he placed the blame for the situation solidly on Janet’s shoulders. If she had done this or that differently, this never would have happened. In each instance, Janet tried to mediate the conflict and hold the family together as she had done throughout their lives together.

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Why Therapy?

Some of the reasons people go for therapy: problems in relationships; sadness, grief and loss; life crises……

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