Meeting the Madwoman: Empowering the Feminine Spirit

In Meeting the Madwoman: Empowering the Feminine Spirit, author Linda Schierse Leonard explores the archetypal feminine energy that she calls the madwoman which exists as a sort of shadow presence in women and in the culture and which, if understood and integrated, can transform women’s lives. What I love is the way she uses myth and real women from history and popular culture to illustrate the operation of the archetype and its power.

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Hawa Adbi and daughter, Ted Talk

Hawa Abdi is a truly inspiring woman. Watch the Ted Talk here. If you want to know more, there’s good information about her on the internet. She’s nominated for a 2013 Nobel Peace prize.

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Taking Flight: A Book of Story Meditations

The woodcarver replied, “Sire, I am only a simple workman. I am no genius. But there is one thing. When I am going to make a bell frame, I meditate for three days to calm my mind. When I have meditated for three days, I think no more about rewards or emoluments. When I have meditated for five days, I no longer think of praise or blame, skillfulness or awkwardness. When I have meditated for seven days, I suddenly forget my limbs, my body, no, I forget my very self. I lose consciousness of the court and my surroundings. Only my skill remains.

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